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the nature of

Portrait of Gareth Thomas, 2011, woven tapestry, 18 cms H X 15 cms W, cotton, woollen, synthetic wefts. Artist statement for my entry in a new tapestry competition honouring the late Kate Derum: “I knew Kate Derum from many tapestry events. … Continue reading

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green budgie

Green Budgie, woven tapestry, 18 cms H X 15 cms W, cotton, synthetic wefts, Japanese bead thread. The budgerigar is an indigenous Australian bird. Once, living in Elizabeth Bay, I sat eating lunch in the Fitzroy gardens in Kings Cross. … Continue reading

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the magnolia cup

magnolia cup, woven tapestry, 14 cms H X W, cotton, synthetic wefts, Japanese art deco metallic thread. Capturing the infinite blue of Sydney’s late winter sunshine is a challenge. The floral cup was its own gift, translucent porcelain. The afore-mentioned Japanese … Continue reading

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artist page

I now have an artist page listing on the American Tapestry Alliance web site

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slow work

The label “slow work” is often attached to textile crafts; it has ecological and feminist implications. For me it signifies work that has been laboured over at every stage, the thrice-farrowed field, as it were. As opposed to crafts like … Continue reading

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every button tells a story

To support the claim artists make about found objects and stories, I submit the following. Had to go to my North Shore skin clinic and endure the unpleasant but necessary procedure of having spots on my face and forearms frozen/burnt … Continue reading

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winter in a lucerne park by paul klee

Magnolia Study 2, woven tapestry, cotton, polyester wefts, 14 cms H X W. Like the work featured in the preceeding chapter, this is influenced by an example of Paul Klee’s oeuvre, a winter study in a Lucerne park. A series of … Continue reading

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