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The pitta is an Australian rainforest bird. Brilliantly feathered: orange rump, emerald back, cream breast with streaks of pale blue and bronze top, it nevertheless wears an anxious demeanour. As it nests among the roots of giant trees it is … Continue reading

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In literature the term “pathetic fallacy” refers to the human tendency to project human sentiments, emotions etc onto the great screen of nature; it was a popular motif of poetry. The poet cries, the brook responds. In my adolescence I … Continue reading

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Australian indigenous dot paintings

The friend with whom I share my house worked as a teacher in Alice Springs in 1984. I visited him for a two week holiday, during which we bought four small dot paintings and I bought a larger work [1 … Continue reading

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bower bird 2

Bower Bird 2, woven tapestry, 17 cms H X 15 cms W, wool, cotton, synthetic wefts. The I Ching has a phrase about the chaos of nature, the “thousand things arise”. Its phenomenon is probably the most difficult to depict … Continue reading

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Gareth work accepted

I’ve just been informed that of the many works from around the world sent to the first Kate Derum Tapestry Prize, the selection committee chose 43, mine being among them.   Portrait of Gareth Thomas I knew Kate Derum from … Continue reading

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satin bower bird

Satin Bower Bird, woven tapestry, 2011, 18 cms H X 15 cms W, wool, cotton, synthetic wefts, embroidery. The male bower bird creates a stage for his courtship. Towards that end he collects bright blue objects, no mean feat in … Continue reading

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