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image cluster

 New Holland Honeyeater, Phylidonyris novaehollandiae. Woven tapestry, 18 cms H X 15 cms W. Cotton warp, wool, cotton, synthetic wefts. Studying 3rd year French Lit. Le Cimetiere Marin, par example, I was introduced to the phrase ” image cluster”, used … Continue reading

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Archie Brennan can comfortably be given the accolade of having done most for the development of tapestry in the last 40 years. His partner is Susan Maffei, no slouch either as both student and practitioner of tapestry. They have given … Continue reading

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Art Almanac

AA is a brill art directory, who’s who & what’s where for when, in Oz. Their office is in Glebe. I was walking home after dental torment performed by my fave dungeon master & I dropped in. I make an appearance in … Continue reading

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sheldonian string theory

A doco about Albert Einstein’s last theory, the equation about everything, updated that scientist’s work with contemporary string theory musings. The opening credits were accompanied by sound & vision of a cellist. The throbbing, vibrating string became the theoretical core. … Continue reading

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In my art practice tapestry and mosaic form a twin polarity; both pile areas of colour and texture to form a visual image. The means of compilation differs in each case; but underlying both is the imperative to use definitive … Continue reading

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  The weekend of the first Tamworth Textile Triennial which I attended as an exhibitor, I began a portrait GT2, an upward foreshortened view of the face and head as a sphere of massive, dynamic proportions. 19 cms h x … Continue reading

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Tamworth Textile Triennial

On Fri last the newly refurbished Textile event opened at Tamworth Regional Gallery. Previously it had happened every two years; its new format will allow for a more vigorous, longer tour. Under the guiding hand of the charismatic Sandra McMahon … Continue reading

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