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the gai troubadour and courtly love

I studied medieval literature as part of my Bachelor of Arts degree. A puzzling body of literature was loosely grouped under the label “courtly love”. This was a phenomenon where the troubadour, the professional singer/entertainer sang songs of immeasureable longing … Continue reading

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buddhist animist

I attended a few sessions of instructions in the mid 1970′s with an English monk who had joined the Thai based Theravada buddhist sect. I only found out belatedly how disciplined and quite inscrutable its teachings were. My disenchantment with … Continue reading

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My mother who was born in a Slovenian village and migrated to a central Qld country town constantly noticed supernatural events. She spoke of women with malign intentions as to be feared, and constantly looked out for them. On bad … Continue reading

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It is a week to that end of year festive celebration; one brave house in Newtown displays a “bah humbug” sign in neon to declare its pagan protest? Newtown, the shopping precinct, is a strip of shops running on pseudo-ephedrine, … Continue reading

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Those of us who had to study the texts of modern French literature “fondly” remember existentialism and the concept of authenticity. I am especially fond of the fact that Satre, a Cancerian in astrology, took a dose of mescalin, had … Continue reading

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Having written the previous blog I decided to watch the movie Doubt, where Meryl Streep the principal of a primary school confronts a young priest whom she suspects of sexually interfering with a young boy. The interaction between priest and … Continue reading

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We must, as a species, come to terms with how we interact, set boundaries in order to protect the young. Yes, the bonobo monkeys are freeform in their behaviour, except for copulation between mother and son. Psychologists have established that … Continue reading

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