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I need 8 viewers to bring my viewers total to the next thou.

Ellen De Generes on a recent show said a trick thing about rounding things to the nearest million. I’m in favour of that, with my blog viewer numbers. And I love Ellen, fair, honest, happy, funny, considerate gal. HOWEVER. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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found object for artistic purposes

I attended the opening of my work in a textile survey show: the Tamworth Textile Triennial at Melbourne’s RMIT gallery two days ago. First step was getting through the security check at Sydney airport. To explain briefly: my art practice … Continue reading

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On a real estate billboard in Melbourne’s Carleton area, I spotted the following slogan: NOT A HOME BUYER BUT A WARLORD BATTLING FOR TERRITORY. As Kylie sings, Can’t get that out of my head. Does the overlord state encourage its citizens to … Continue reading

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Fritz Lang M

An extraordinary movie is M by Fritz Lang. As I learned to speak German at my mother’s knee, the speech was no impediment. Hearing it and seeing the movie subtitled is a reminder of how close to German are the … Continue reading

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