science fiction by chrissie amphlett

I watched the Drum, tonight on ABC24; there was a segment on the push for same-sex unions. The presenter interacted with two speakers, one I’ll call Mr Pompous, for reasons which will become apparent.

Mr P attempted to raise the argument that traditional christians, more about them later, were upset that same-sex union parity was disturbing a concept that had existed before our puny democracy.

The pompous Christian said that the history of marriage was hetero-monogamy; this went unchallenged by the show presenter. If we go by the Old Testament we have polygamy, need I quote chapter, rape, abduction, incest, voyeurism. Even in recent western history marriage was a contract between important families, the rest of us made do. I’m sure Mr Pompous knew his bible, did he not believe its contents? Was it not credible as an information source?

The amount of empathy expended by Mr P towards these sensitive christians was touching: has anyone watched groups of UK anglicans protesting women being elevated to the priesthood, the bile & fury expressed by these people!!

I toured the catacombs under the Via Appia in Rome, these were a new, persecuted minority. The walls of their living spaces were decorated with good shepherd images, vine & branch images, all positive, no crucifictions, that was the above ground reality. To place things into context, when christianity became the official Roman religion the circus continued as a public entertainment for another 150 years. Who was sacrificed there? newer immigrants? Incidentally, while I walked among the pilgrims in the catacombs a discerning guide told me I should not be there, I was not welcome. Perhaps my homosexuality was writ large across my forehead. Heavens knows, I felt that was the case for about a decade in homophobic north Qld!!

My point about the angry anglicans is that the gospel exhortation was to forgive injury, to show meekness, to forgive. Today, the tone is militant, there is a belligerent presentation of conventional theology.

A Compass show on the weekend explored the new translation of the catholic mass liturgy; “consubstantial with the father” is one of the gems, lots of sprinklings of “venerable” and “chalices”. My Jerusalem bible talks of the cup, for that group of translators it seemed to adequately convey meaning. The new mass, courtesy of Benny Dick, ex-Ratso, extends the possibility of salvation only to Many, not ALL. It talks of us MEN; blokes who spend their lives in frocks need ALL THE BUTCH ASSURANCE THEY CAN MUSTER. Settle petal, go GRRL!!

Mr P spoke as if gays were causing a rift in the force field, or is that Star Wars? It’s all science fiction. Like Chrissie Amphlett, “when I was young I was so naiive, I just didn’t believe… Now I’ve thrown my books away.


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tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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