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blue boys from the crystal cabinet

My pc is like that mysterious Will Blake poem The Crystal Cabinet: you unlock a set of doors with a code, you enter and unlock further doors into deeper mysteries. Let us begin. In the mid 1970’s I took my … Continue reading

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Letter to High Commissioner of Pakistan in Canberra

Dear High Commissioner, I am writing to protest the recent imprisonment of a doctor who enabled the CIA to arrest Mr Bin Laden in Abbottabad. The implication of sentencing this person for treason is that Pakistan considers an attack on … Continue reading

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Irshad Manji Allah Liberty and Love

On ABC today there was an Asian Focus on the state of gay rights in Australia’s nearest neighbours. Irshad Manji a lovely, beautifully presented Indonesian lesbian author, has written a book demanding that fellow Moslems MUST re-examine the world-accepted structure … Continue reading

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at the risk of having repeated myself

I went to the opening of Sensorial Loop at RMIT Melbourne. Walking from my hotel room in the suburb of Carlton, I looked up to see a brand new billboard fully four levels high, placed by an Aussie realtor on the … Continue reading

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What does same sex union parity mean

The national broadcaster in Australia runs a Monday night debate called Q&A, question & answer. Tonight, an out lesbian minister in the Australian government Ms Penny Wong was included on the panel. Her opposite in the opposition is jovial Mr … Continue reading

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context is all

The weekend’s SMH had two letters about same sex union SSU, appropriately because a huge rally was planned through the streets of Sydney CBD in favour of legislative change. The parliamentary context is that two private members’ bills are going … Continue reading

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mostly harmless

Had a tap replaced in my kitchen sink this am at an unearthly hour. A young bloke who was quite friendly, the plumber, got me talking. Usually I have to start the conversation. He noticed a porcelain sculpture of a banana … Continue reading

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