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gay couples with dogs

A dynamic seems to exist on public transport where people need to have a conversation  diagonally across a large space, in spite of the discomfort of people nearby. Ok, sometimes there’s a valid reason for this: the third time this happened near … Continue reading

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Interview with a VAMPIRE

I reacquainted myself with this movie recently. Like the insidious Silence of the Lambs it proves that you can show gay acts on the big screen so long as you clearly equate it with unredeemable perversion. In SotL the gender … Continue reading

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salvos say execute gays

On Melbourne radio JOY94.9 Major Andrew Craibe defended the Salvation Army handbook of beliefs that insists that gays be put to death. The “belief” is based on Leviticus which says that “people who practise defilements should be put to death”. Why … Continue reading

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ellen rules ok

I went op-shopping with an eco friend yesterday. It reminds me of the line in Adam’s Rib: roosters gather & fight, hens get together & lay eggs. Shopping can be a fraught experience: you constantly share taste choices, putdowns are … Continue reading

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I’m to be featured in an exhibition later this year in Tallinn Estonia. To prepare material for the catalogue the curator urged participants to transfer large files via the above site. The reproduction quality jpg of the work I intend … Continue reading

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At 4 am Thurs, returning to bed after a bathroom visit, I noticed an irregular heartbeat. This continued for 15 minutes so I surrendered to the inevitable, got up, shaved, packed a bag with things to distract me from the … Continue reading

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is your star sign making you fat?

This is what ABC News 24 speculated was the level of commercial [TDT] investigative journalism. Today you could not help falling over a monumental news item, definitely slimming. Victoria, the state of, including its capitol Melbourne, suffered an earthquake overnight. … Continue reading

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