is your star sign making you fat?

This is what ABC News 24 speculated was the level of commercial [TDT] investigative journalism. Today you could not help falling over a monumental news item, definitely slimming.

Victoria, the state of, including its capitol Melbourne, suffered an earthquake overnight. Mubarak was pronounced dead by some news outlets, others say he’s on a respirator. Of subliminal interest, that. Move on. Julian Assange announced today that he has no confidence that his country of origin Australia can protect him from extradition to Sweden and almost inevitably rendition to the USA, where the death penalty might become his fate. So, he sought political refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Ecuador has extradition agreements with the USA, tho not for political cases. Is Ecuador hand in hand with Castro & Chavez? Swedish law is left looking like a sycophant, having reopened an investigation that previously it had closed for lack of evidence. Its reputation for vigilant fairness looks like so much used lavatory paper, or that Abba turd in a bottle, precious, overhyped but good for not much. Curious the insistence of Brit bobbies in wanting to pursue Assange for bail violation; also whimsical is our recently appointed Foreign Minister Bob Carr, a journo to his bootstraps & in his finely honed rhetoric when he says the US could have pursued an extradition claim against Assange in the UK.

For me a wonderful verdict was delivered by the High Court, currently stocked with a majority of catholic judges, nevertheless it overturned the measure John Howard’s fed gov put in place and atheist Gillard maintained, of employing chaplains to give religious lessons in school. In spite of a specific undertaking that they were not to counsel troubled teenagers, specific instances were noted where chaplains were making homophobic comments. The basis of the high court’s decision was that chaplains were employed on passing a religious test. Presumably this contravened a separation of church and state situation.

Next hopefully they may rule on the marriage act.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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