salvos say execute gays

On Melbourne radio JOY94.9 Major Andrew Craibe defended the Salvation Army handbook of beliefs that insists that gays be put to death. The “belief” is based on Leviticus which says that “people who practise defilements should be put to death”. Why are all the other ludicrous articles of that text not observed too? They belonged to the time of a people crossing desert lands where water was scarce and hygiene needed to be scrupulously observed. Well, a person coming into contact with a menstruating woman needed to be segregated. There’s an interesting situation up for observance. A strict ban on pig products. shell fish, no mixing different fibres in the one garment. From my last recollection of the local Salvos op shop, they don’t take that rule seriously. Just the one about gay people.

It’s time my secular society protected me from these mindless bigots. Surely publishing these hateful comments constitutes a hate crime. And it is simply not good enough for a slightly smarmier version of bigot Craibe to describe his colleague’s comments as miscommunication, pathetic non-English word it is too. These people exist in our midst on a tax-free basis. I itch for the next red shield appealers to turn up at my door.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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