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The Precocious Tom Daley

The Olympics brings out the best & worst in us, not just the athletes but commentators & writers, who in the throes of sportivo enthusiasm express all manner of regrettable things. The Sydney Morning Herald writer Peter Hanlon covering Australia’s … Continue reading

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Huffington Post published a story about this young guy who made his own counter-protest sign at a Westboro event. Def. my inspiration moment today: NINE! year old guy staged a counter protest outside Westboro Baptist Church. His little protest sign … Continue reading

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The Spiritualist Church

In the 1980’s two friends took me to visit the Spiritualist Church in an inner West Sydney suburb. I have no idea why they thought the expedition would be of interest. It was a humble building, unadorned; we entered its … Continue reading

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are we just a stupid species

Constitutionally incapable of living together sensibly, rationally? Or is it the solar flares we are experiencing at the moment, combined with Mercury and Uranus retrograde. Or, is your star sign making you FAT? I recently spoke with my job network … Continue reading

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church & state in Australia

Sempell – response to redefining marriage (2) The Rev. Andrew Sempell is Rector of St James Anglican church, Sydney. His very authoritative letter is self explanatory on the subject of same sex unions and the separation of church & state … Continue reading

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what’s old, what’s new

These, in Timbuktu, are the next to go, following the policies of destruction by fundamentalists applied to the Bamiyan Buddhas, the National Museum of Iraq and the Kabul Museum. Last night ABC Oz ran a doco on the long term … Continue reading

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postural echo

The above term refers to a situation where a submissive individual imitates the behaviour of a more dominant person in a social situation. This weekend’s newspaper had the story of a bloke who stays up all night pedalling on his … Continue reading

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