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who’s doing the real social engineering

The religious right has always accused us, the gay, lesbian, inter-gender and trans communities of manipulating reality. Covertly, THEY have run de-programming groups, based on the kidnap and brain washing activities from the 1970’s when they attempted to reverse the … Continue reading

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My blog about the Say No to Homophobia campaign was written earlier this morning, frost on the ground outside and bitterly cold toes. I made a pot of onion soup with croutons of Jarlsberg cheese and now, all’s right with … Continue reading

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say NO to homophobia campaign

I worked in the NSW State Rail system from 1985 to 1999; during that time I slowly came out as a gay man, slowly and hesitantly. Once, someone even asked: If you’re not ashamed of yourself why were you so … Continue reading

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message in a bottle

It would be very lovely to know who is reading my blogs; if you have the time and are genuinely sympatico with the concerns of gays, lesbians, inter-sex, transgendered folk, write and let me publish your contribution. Or just write. … Continue reading

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doing a good job

The media asked the 2012 London Paralympic games organisers why they were making it difficult for people in wheelchairs to buy tickets to events; every single media-trained person said: What a gr8 job we are doing. It would have been … Continue reading

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date rape

The mid 1970’s saw Gay Liberation hit Sydney. Before that there had been CAMP, the campaign against moral persecution, which said nothing to me about my dick and that I had the hots for blokes. GAY came along; yes, it … Continue reading

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men r sex pigs

A London based comedian decided to investigate the prospect of getting money for having sex. He starts with a cheap shot: gets naked between sandwich boards and asks women to write their fee & phone # on his bod. Women … Continue reading

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