men r sex pigs

A London based comedian decided to investigate the prospect of getting money for having sex. He starts with a cheap shot: gets naked between sandwich boards and asks women to write their fee & phone # on his bod. Women like a laugh, and people obliged. However, away from that piece of situational lunacy he started to discover the hard reality of male prostitution. There simply is not a big industry of males servicing women as either companions or sex workers. Almost immediately he was scammed, ripped off by a phony escort group demanding startup fees for non-existent work.

My insights here do not fall neatly into a str8 against gay divide. One hetero bloke who got money [very little, 25 pounds per incident] for sex with women admitted to having a long term woman partner while at the same time having commercial sexual transactions. She did not know of his activities; it is only slightly different from a bloke having a partner and fun on the side. The partner would say men are sex pigs, we men say it of ourselves. It seemed we had the ubiquitous situation where a man was being less than honest with his woman partner.

After a while I lost interest in the comedian; in Lear he would have been called the fool. He certainly was playing the fool. The two men in the doco who impressed me were firstly a bloke who had organised for sex workers’ rights. He seemed concerned for the day to day reality of workers in the industry. The other was a young gay bloke who assumed an emo look for his sex work identity. He discovered that many of his clients would be old or disabled or both; immediately, he made it clear that he was prepared to engage with the reality of his clients. The emotional honesty and empathy he generated seemed to have a positive reward: he found that he was developing as a person. He learned to appreciate wines, the opera. I was so glad for him, and hoped that his lifestyle would sustain itself and not go into a drug and abuse freefall.

The lettered gen seem to have mythologised the porn star; hopefully the spurious glamour has begun to dissipate. Porn video appearances and prostitution are linked. Appearing in porn vids is not a sustainable career, it seems to quickly deteriorate into ever more stuntlike acts: fisting and so forth. As in life, a charismatic role in porn soon fades, there’s always a new kid in town. The sooner people in the industry touch base with reality and get to do life affirming and personally sustaining stuff the better for all concerned.

As for researching the area of prostitution to provide new comic material, bad call.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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