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child is mother of the man

Yesterday on ABC News 24 David Marr was talking about Bill Henson’s photography and the very intelligent school principal who allowed her students to pose for him nude. Marr said the witch hunt against Henson was belatedly proved to be … Continue reading

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the world well lost

Theodore Sturgeon’s short story of the above title is about the loverbirds, two gay birdlike lovers escaped from an intolerant world. It’s an exquisite picture, lyrical and bearing the fruit of truth, as in: They lay quite still, but love … Continue reading

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if I was a man

In an episode of friends Luke Perry joins an enthusiastic analysis by his friends. He finds himself saying: If I was a man I’d… and he peters out, horrified by where his identification with the women around him has taken … Continue reading

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samsung food fight comments

I watched an ad for a Samsung front loader on Ch 7 tonight. It was about a middle class family around a dinner table having a food fight. Your ad people and the executives who approved the ad might have … Continue reading

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cory the hot head

Last night, both houses of the Australian Federal Parliament prepared to vote on the issue of same sex union. As part of the senate proceedings, South Australian Liberal Cory Bernardi rose to address the issue; his line of argument was … Continue reading

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Will Blake and his two wives naked in their garden

A prim new doco invites us to ask whether we have ceased to evolve… I have just watched Agatha Christie’s the Secret of Chimneys, the loveliest mystery, most precious because it contains the courting of Ms Marple. A crime occurs, Scotland … Continue reading

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reckless endangerment

I am NOT a constitutional lawyer. Nor am I familiar with the history of the United States. I have heard discussions on the constitution about the right to bear arms. A relaxed interpretation has allowed a gun culture to proliferate at street … Continue reading

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