Dr John Gris Gris

In an early scene of Rocky Horror Show, Janet wants to leave, Brad says, Let’s hang round; they may do FOLK DANCING. What RHS and Dr John have in common are a gothic atmosphere. How much bayou Lousiana ethnicity Dr John’s lyrics contain I have to leave to someone better informed. One of his songs sounds like a conversation between two High Church drag queens.

But Gris Gris is certainly worth listening to; it’s rooted in the steamy smoky weed culture of the 1970’s certainly. But it has an effortless authority. Its music is variously paced, it feels like southern dance music.

But it is Gothic NOIR: hallucinagenic, pouring torrentlike into your ear; I think it has dated little from then to now. Today we have, as they say in the kitchen, the appropriate FOND, Buffy, Angel, Merlin, and all the other sci-fi and zombie horror, B grade movies and sitcoms.

I can’t load an mp3 file to this site but I’m sure they’re accessible. ENJOY.

About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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