scott & bailey

S & B is an ABC detective series; I believe the senior partner is Scott, she of the weird eyes and blond hair. Her treatment of the bloke who loves her passionately, tenderly, is reprehensible. It seems to be an inevitable side effect, when the only life you know is your job, that you find an equally desperate shag there. B has already done that, to her regret. S ditched her husband 2 episodes ago, now she’s shagged an office colleague & thrown him over; were a male to behave thus, he would /could only be depicted as a right bastard. Why is there no ethical stock take going on here? Is there an attraction in watching, after a long professional day at work, over wine & takehome food, a powerful woman who attracts men easily & ditches them willfully.

How about Bailey’s cheap aside to her brother that he can pay his debt by selling his arse a few times? A woman should know that resorting to prostitution is not a decision taken lightly but one certainly repented at leisure. What these two women dispense by way of compassion, they just as quickly undo with cutting remarks or abrupt tuff cop thuggery.

Next episode we are to endure Scott bleating about harassment; she is a strong, assertive woman but has neglected to adequately articulate her reasons for ditching the latest conquest.

There was a phase in feminism where previously victimised women announced that they would do to men what had been done to them. Tit for tat never works, sexist patriarchs are scumbags, who really wants to ressemble them?

I must be channeling the twitter ether: having read the weekend paper, I realise this week starred the now infamous Alan Jones “women destroy the universe” comment. Unintended, I assure you; tho, may I suggest an appropriate theme song: Ladytron’s Destroy Everything. Yay.

That was a week ago; last night’s episode was more complex, but as I’m not the target audience does my opinion count? Maybe shows like this indicate to society at large how likely the police force in western countries is to become insular, inward looking, self-congratulatory and defensive. Certainly, in NSW it took the first atrocity killing of a police officer for the entire force to be shocked out of complacency, out of a sense of their own invulnerability. The current judicial review of 2 police individuals who shot a suicidal man armed with a knife; that their evidence is directly and firmly contradicted by that of the man’s father and two ambos in the room needs to be addressed The indicators leading from that situation show us what sort of culture our protectors are generating.

On a lighter note, the last two episodes of Dr Who seem to indicate a new ethical culture. Previously the Doctor would never countenance the death of an individual, however evil; tonight, a genocidal pirate is gleefully sacrificed to save the doctor’s ship and the ark of Silurian prehistory, a rather opportunistic reading of the ethical balance. Oh well.

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