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tabloid manure

SMH recalled a Sex Pistols concert when a fan jumped onstage & punched Sid Vicious in the mouth; tabloid headline next day: fan hits the shit. And I thought the ABC sitcom Lowdown was bad when one scene shows a tabloid … Continue reading

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child on board

The above caption used to be displayed in the rear window of the cars of young families… it reminds me of the years when Ms Regan was Sydney Mardi Gras president, when men were refused a male only room in … Continue reading

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review of New Normal

The weekend SMH contained a TV review of the New Normal. Captioned “Situation Abnormal”,  it runs thus: “The fashion to make mainstream those traditionally marginalised  minorities in the community is a mixed blessing. Geeks in The Big Bang Theory, fat … Continue reading

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elephant in the room

Stephen Fry’s show QI has contestants hold up the sign of an elephant when a fact cannot be scientifically explained. I would contend we are that elephant in this room of many chambers. We live interior, domesticated lives; we might … Continue reading

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Cover Up

The Salafist Party of Egypt has called for the pyramids to be covered with wax to deter what they view as idolatrous tourism. Anyone who has travelled there knows how HUGE the bigger two pyramids are. A scary thought: is … Continue reading

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The New Normal

Channel 10 on Sunday nights is running a new gay themed sit com; I’ve watched episodes 1 & 2; I’ve replayed ep2 twice, but still have trouble following the high speed anecdote collisions. BUT, more about the gay stuff in … Continue reading

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such stuff as dreams are made on

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep. The Tempest, William Shakespeare. Yesterday, in the weekend SMH I read the article that prompted my blog obituary to an art critic … Continue reading

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