I’m writing the following as uncle advice for any young gay guys out there; ladies, please be warned: it’s explicit, though not gratuitously so.

Tonight Jennie Brockie presented a show on circumcision. It seemed to become quite vehement in tone by both pro and anti speakers challenging each other. A statistic was quoted that in the 1990’s 95% of Australian women surveyed said they would not date an uncircumcised male. I think probably they were most swayed by the statistic that an uncircumcised male is more likely to cause cervical cancer in his female partner, than a circumcised guy. The show however seemed unwilling to go beyond the vanity reasoning of a lot of parents. It certainly FAILED miserably to give helpful advice.

Let me give my personal background. Both my parents were European christians; I don’t know my father’s penile status. I was not circumcised after birth. A year prior to puberty my local pedophile priest exerted himself to manipulate my penis a lot. I had not been brought up to retract my foreskin. In that one sense he did me a hygiene favour. However, I had not yet arrived at puberty. When I did so, there was a sudden growth in my penile length, my foreskin tore and was excruciatingly painful for about a week, a version of natural circumcision? The tear or rupture healed, leaving my foreskin intact and able to be retracted. As a young gay blade, I noticed a lot of British guys whose foreskins would not allow the glans to see the light of day. Sex with such people was difficult; the glans was always hyper sensitive, you could never gauge whether vigorous hands movements would be acceptable or painful.

A big problem Brockie never broached, but which is well covered in the UK show Embaressing Bodies, is that boys are not educated by their parents in penile hygiene. A child should alert their parents to the situation of a non-retracting foreskin. Mums, I think, would be rather cursory about education. My mum thought overattention to the willie was to be discouraged.

For that reason, in early adulthood, through trial and error, I found out that it was necessary to completely retract the foreskin in the shower, around the gland had to be soaped & rinsed, and the procedure repeated for the complete inside of the foreskin. Its soft folds readily retained unwanted smegma.

Re the mum whose 6 yr old boy got penile infections every 5 weeks: presumably each treatment involved antibiotics; it is a wonder he has not become autistic. There’s a theory now about infant gut flora and over-administering anti-biotics causing the child to develop autistic symptoms. Firstly I would have used a dilution of TiTree oil to disinfect; then some method of dilating the foreskin would have to be decided on.

Lastly, when Brockie asked people if circumcision decreased sexual pleasure, my response would be a RESOUNDING YES. My best friend is cut and he envies my folds, which in repose and action are like a extra sexual organ. As friends have said, I enjoy the best of both worlds: I can completely retract, so I look uncut when aroused. When not tumescent, my organ is protected. Though, I’ve also noticed some guys wanting to play elaborate games with my foreskin, most of which I find de trop, a bit bondage & disciplined.

Her show lacked the expertise only gay men develop; I lived with a group of str8 guys during Uni, one went to see the movie Women in Love, where Rupert and Gerald wrestle in the nude. He returned to our group with a new-found wonder that men’s dicks are so different. Str8 men simply do not compare sexual equipment; taking notes about how the other guy’s parts work during sexual excitement is something only gay men  can do.

It’s time we decided that the design of our bodies is perfect and cannot be improved by surgical intervention. It’s NATURE, natural; let’s enjoy that please. The rest is hygiene. We have hot & cold running water in the bathroom; we are no longer a nomadic tribe wandering in the desert. Leviticus has passed its use by date. Mestruating women are not unclean until sunset; they need not be segregated. Nor, if you shake their hand, are you unclean until sunset. For heaven’s sake, let us get a grip on reality. And may I heartily congratulate those US Israeli communities who no longer practise circumcision.

Religion should be like the annual cupboard cleanout. Didn’t use it all year? Out it goes. Meanwhile, enjoy LIFE.

About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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