a catholic college misbehaves

There are 3 residential colleges attached to Sydney University; one runs a pro rape FB page; the catholic joint ST John’s is is trouble because its “rector” is sick of urine and faeces being deposited in its common areas. One of its more famous old boys is Tony Abbott, who was recently in trouble for punching the wall next to the face of his female rival for a position on the SRC, during his undergraduate days. His defenders say boys do stupid things during their “full of cum” years; but his current political behaviour seems characterised by an attitude of “I can do it because I’m entitled”; breaking things because one can get away with it, not caring for the nation because opposition is not a position of entitlement continues to wear an undergraduate demeanour.

My contact with the rugger bugger types was marginal; I lived at Uni Hall on James Cook Uni Townsville; I was showered by the meaty boys for playing classical music in the common room. Like woggy Sebastian in Evelyn Waugh’s Briders Revisited, being manhandled by meaty boys was a secret pleasure.

A men’s toilet on Sydney Uni campus has graffiti about a call to arms: the poofs are rampant and one of the meaty boys thinks baseball bats should be used to put down the perverts. The Machiavellian thinking is curious: a shopping list is unfurled, its last item is an alibi in case someone is too thoroughly bashed.

This logic is echoed in contemporary events where someone called in the services of a QC older brother to silence further public discussion under legal procedure. The logic of entitlement: we own the system, we take what we want, smash the rest and control public reaction with legal process.

Commentators say these are country boys, raised in traditional patterns, to become the merchant bankers and venture capitalists of society; instead of the shit stirring of their undergrad days, maturity involves all the exercises of money making: profit with scant regard for side effects.

Abbott’s companion in the education system was Cardinal Pell, himself embroiled in the Catholic church’s efforts to extricate itself from the clerical pedophilia of the last century. Again, a class war situation had evolved: working class boys were canon fodder for clerical lusts. Pell’s current attitude is one of resisting the legal system in bringing perpetrators to justice.

This last week a senior NSW police individual has attempted to delay prosecution of pedophiles. One hopes the situation will be exhaustively investigated. It reminds me of the local court prosecution of the pedo priest in my hometown Leonard O’Rourke. When he was finally brought to a local court witnesses were called for two days, including a senior Irish nun who had been the principal of the primary school across the road from the presbytry. She unwittingly released school boys to visit the priest in his room during school hours, wryly she admitted she had provided sexual room service. As one of his witnesses I gave a VERY CLEAR account of what had happened. The public prosecutor described my account as prima facie evidence. The tactic of the defence was to rush to the Brisbane District Court and have the conviction overturned on the basis that both school rooms and presbytry had been renovated and as such were now unrecognizable. Why this judgement has not been challenged in the Court of Appeal is a puzzle to me; we currently have a High Court where a majority of justices are practising catholics, the nexus between religion and law should be rigorously examined and vigorously separated.

All in all a soiled week: a policeman dismissed from his duty of pursuing pedophile priests, ex-politicians cross-examined for dubious policy decisions, a uni college full of soiled hi-jinks.


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