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Francis Bacon on show at the Art Gallery of NSW

Saw the Francis Bacon show today; hated Bacon’s deliberately alienating device of putting everything in big gold frames behind glass; an already complicated image suddenly grew extra ectoplasmic layers of light & movement; not sure about the Bacon scholar who … Continue reading

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seasonal greetings

Just as the season was settling into its usual round of paraphernalia for amusing the kids etc etc those of us unmarried, yes yes, a growing trend these days, my GEM of a TV channel showed the 1974 film MAME … Continue reading

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gratuitous textile reference

G & I were switch bitches together, the glam 80’s term for telephone operator. “you’re my oral stimulator” as Pete Shelley would sing, such a buzzcock! We were international telephone operators, I remember one Sat night how depressed he was … Continue reading

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Andrew Guy Transman

Andrew Guy is a person in gender transition. He is moving from his birth identity as Anna to a new self-realised identity. I looked at the series of photos in the gay mag running his story, thought I liked the … Continue reading

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a visit to the homeland

The onset of christmess prompted me to visit the webpage of my Darlo bookshop; there I found several recent releases that demanded to be read: two thrillers Zubbro and Richard Stevenson, a biography of EM Forster and Stephan Niederwieser’s On … Continue reading

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New Normal engagement

Shakespeare developed his dramatic ideas often on parallel stages: clowns would frolic and their audience, anaesthetised with laughter, would ingest truths that otherwise were unpalatable. The fool, for instance, in the play King Lear, dared to tell the doting king … Continue reading

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develop the like

Yesterday I watched a debate between 2 professional journos & a moderator about the new media. It was mainly about twitter and how clever these two guys were, following a series of tweets in a developing situation. This, I accepted; … Continue reading

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