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reffo kids

The federal opposition spokesman for immigration Scott Morrison called for a register for refugees released into the community on bridging visas; they would have to report to police like a sex offender or prisoner on bail or remand. So loaded … Continue reading

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Mapping the Brain

Two [?] US scientists are setting out to map all the inter-related brain functions as a map. This should have great effects on how disease is diagnosed and treated. Here I am, back home after 10 days in a city … Continue reading

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Chao Dara Rasmi

Chao Dara Rasmi was a princess from Chang Mai, who later became a consort of ever popular King Chulalongkorn, the individual who single-handedly modernised Thailand and ironically, in doing so, preserved the concept of Thai royalty. I visited the royal … Continue reading

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BladeRunner City

Before I left Sydney a week ago I wrote about travelling to Bangkok. I’m here now, 6 days later, having been on a bus & boat tour of Ayutthaya, the previous capitol of Siam, spent most of the day with … Continue reading

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Greens pre-election opinion gathering

I was in a focus group tonight re the forthcoming campaign for re-election by Senator De Natale. I could have saved you the $75 I was paid for attending. Anyway my feedback is as follows. The best advertising you ever … Continue reading

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a concealed identity

My youngest sister married a true blue, fair dinkum aussie bloke; about a decade ago his grandfather died & some possessions came to my in-law’s family, indicating that the grandfather had walked off an aboriginal reserve & into the nearest … Continue reading

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str8 guy & the the queer sly

Following from the previous chapter: & anyone reading this who has a penchant for the sexual opposite, kindly do not take offence at my repeated use of the phrase “str8 guy”; that’s my shorthand for suburban patriarch, ruling the roost, … Continue reading

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