Greens pre-election opinion gathering

I was in a focus group tonight re the forthcoming campaign for re-election by Senator De Natale.

I could have saved you the $75 I was paid for attending.
Anyway my feedback is as follows.
The best advertising you ever got was done in the Gruen Transfer, it dramatises 4 constituents of Greens policy, incidentally representing several components of my identity:
born a refugee, grew up gay, an artist, now an older person. I can’t watch the clip without tearing up; it is real, earnest, visionary, affirmative.
One of the things that made Australians LOVE Bob Brown, was his gentle affirmation of things; he criticised, indeed he was often indignant, but he also AFFIRMED.
Neither Christine Milne nor SHY have learned his lesson; CM is shrilly critical, SHY is smug & superior with her critique.
The Greens can be a visionary party, that in itself would endear Aussies to you; as a nation right now we are sadly BEREFT of vision.
I once watched the males I worked with in the State Rail office in Sydney gather on a day off to go to watch Australia play cricket against another country.
These rough lower middle class guys were dressed as if for church, they spoke in hushed, expectant voices. Sorry, if the Australian national ideal once resided
with cricket, between sledging & possible match fixing & supplement taking they are history. The Greens need to become a group of politicians who can fill the void.
For awhile Bob Brown managed. But it seems to me the Greens need to learn some lessons; Australians HATE anyone who is always right, you start to sound like
a righteous minister of religion. Australians would warm to you if you managed to communicate a sense that politics is a job where we never get it right first go.
After all, that’s the only excuse the Greens had for holding out on Rudd.
The last thing your facilitator asked my group tonight was who did we think Labour had turned its back on: I suggested Same Sex Marriage for gays & lesbians, which was greeted with laughter by a banker in our group.
Which is why some of my community never leave the closet.
I addressed some aspects of this earlier in my email.
Before that the facilitator had said he would tell us some of the achievements by the Greens. They were impressive; BUT, why do Australians not hear about this?
You need some way of getting this message out, not in a triumphalist way, even somehow modestly.
I love the Greens, what you stand for, beyond words. Your party affirmed the ability of ordinary Aussie households to contribute towards a solution for climate change.
My house alongside two others in my street proudly has solar energy panels. It was a personally empowering thing to do.
I would love to volunteer my time visiting refugees in detention; incidentally I am a trained teacher, but the network of volunteer organisations is so dense & incomprehensible
I have not been able to contribute. Volunteer organisations need to lose the sanctimonious air they often wear. Your party could facilitate that if possible.
I wish you all the best in the coming election; but I would also say that Labour is trying to set some massively visionary policies in place; you both have a role.
Thank you for expending the effort to read thus far. God bless.

About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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  1. Steadfast says:

    Good stuff and I am in accordance

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