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mother son

Yesterday I spent a painful morning in my local surgery, waiting to see my GP; it’s a narrow corridor lined with chairs; I already inhabited two, the second for my heavily bandaged foot. Ten days ago I was up a … Continue reading

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taking our tribe into consideration

The conservative Kinsey assessment is that G & L is 10% of the population. We keep having technical in-house community discussions about whether we can or should claim ethnicity status. Let’s look at a couple of situations that would be … Continue reading

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irrevocable calm

A year or so ago, I would have episodes of a sense of impending disaster, then vomiting; doctors could not diagnose the syndrome. In Bangkok, on the 23rd of Feb 2013, I was woken in my hotel bed by my … Continue reading

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capitalism means war

A very dire US story was shown on Four Corners last night about the Global Financial Crisis and how Wall Street may have caused it; at first I thought this was a copy editor’s wet dream. As a piece of … Continue reading

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Alex Gibney Mea Maxima Culpa doco NY

Alex Gibney in NY directed a doco about the psychology of a Catholic priest Fr Murphy who systematically abused deaf underage boys. He was interviewed on ABC Lateline tonight; there is a great deal that has yet to take place … Continue reading

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chips off the old block

I had to have an interview with a neurologist a few days ago: I had had two grand mal seizures. He soon asked more & more pertinent questions. I enjoyed being asked if cocaine was being used in Bangkok as … Continue reading

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electricity provider

we produce solar energy as set up by Origin Energy, and we re-sell this to another provider; on a regular basis people turn up at my door attempting to rearrange my energy provider details, ostensibly for my benefit. I remember … Continue reading

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