electricity provider

we produce solar energy as set up by Origin Energy, and we re-sell this to another provider; on a regular basis people turn up at my door attempting to rearrange my energy provider details, ostensibly for my benefit. I remember one young girl, reacting to my attempt to close down the situation, with an irritated: I’m attempting to work for your benefit.

Today’s salesman was of Indian background: his sales technique was to repeat everything. I was forced to remark at last: do you have IDIOTS for clients??? Your tone of voice suggests it.

I come from a multi-cultural background, my mother ever spoke broken English. So, I had to say: if I present a blank face to what you say, just repeating something resolves nothing. You need to re-phrase what you are saying. Eventually the situation penetrated his consciousness; did it change his behaviour, much less have an effect on his value system?? As I said, I felt I was engaged in a Gilbert & Sullivan farce; I was quite capable of making use of the Queen’s English; I felt I had quite a command of it.

Explanation meant something other than just forcibly repeating everything one was trying to say, forcibly repeating everything one was trying to say, trying to say, HEY!!!

About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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