chips off the old block

I had to have an interview with a neurologist a few days ago: I had had two grand mal seizures. He soon asked more & more pertinent questions. I enjoyed being asked if cocaine was being used in Bangkok as part of the prelude; in fact all that was involved was over-exposure to a badly polluted large city; I could feel the lack of oxygen during the day, at night under the influence of a few beers and spicy food I reverted to atrial fibrillation for 18 hours. My neurologist said it was a misnomer that less oxygen was getting to the brain; I felt less able to get about & be active, so I spent most of that time in bed. What was impressive about the doc’s diagnosis was his rapid fixation on the fact that I had woken up a number of times having bitten my tongue during sleep. The doc’s reconstruction was that I was not maintaining an adequate coagulation level; my metal aortic valve was building up small blood clots, which spun off during sleep, causing seizures.

I guess my cardiologist did not want to fixate on quite such a negative scenario; I seemed to be coping quite well with my ingestion of anti-coagulant rat poison; I guess he hoped all was well. By contrast, the neurologist assembled the pertinent facts of my profile and was harbouring another sequence of events. I am currently in the hands of a coagulation clinic at RPAH; hopefully there, I will build up a more effective medication intake.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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