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spot the qr

Last weekend SMH ran an article about more boys becoming ballet dancers. However it had to clarify: “many teenagers would cringe at the thought of standing out from the crowd, and especially at being labelled gay. “I think there’s always … Continue reading

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Priscilla the Spanish queen of the Desert

I had to write the preceding chapter first, an account of yesterday at the hospital. I’m writing this at 4.30 am because it was necessary. Waiting for a commercial channel to show an episode of Lewis and finding it re-programmed … Continue reading

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Lucio Dalla Caruso

I paid a gruesome visit to my local hospital, to find my faithful team of health carers, doctor, two nurses and lovely receptionist, at the end of a week of caring, at the end of their respective tethers; next to … Continue reading

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go back to where you came from

This weekend we have found out that two Chechnyan brothers, aged 27 and 18, were responsible for the bombing of the Boston marathon. Their increasing gripe, having lived in the USA for a decade, was that they could not make … Continue reading

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cultural conversions

The attached photo is of a cameo, an amethyst stone carved with a portrait of Roman emperor Caracalla; however when the Roman empire became the christianised Holy Roman Empire the jewel received an added inscription, left vertical, and a cruciform … Continue reading

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Waiata take me back to rotorua

To see a parliament gallery break out into song, the Waiata,  solemn, ritualised, ordered yet exultant, as did the New  Zealand house last night, is the once only event of a lifetime. Yes, my translation of the Maori title is … Continue reading

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DIY rainbow crossing

Why is this so threateningly important? In one suburb 3 council workers washed the chalk off the footpath, while 3 cops stood by ready to repel the insurrection. How did this have such priority? Just cost the staff involvement, unbelievable. … Continue reading

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