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I live in a thoroughly dishonest society. Daily I eat products of the agricultural industry; they are drenched in poisons. As we age we become accumulations of toxins; how does our health industry behave? It quietly runs cancer wards, as … Continue reading

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Setting Captives Free

My FB page just told me Google and Apple are promoting an app, called setting captives free, constructed by religious group Door of Hope, because it insists we were not born the way we are. I can’t be bothered to … Continue reading

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unlimited growth is not possible in a closed system

The [?] president of the Australian Conservation Foundation addressed the National Press Club on ABC TV today; why you would do so, given the moronic reaction of the first reporter questioning him is a moot point, tho. Loony gestures, how … Continue reading

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Who was David Hoyle?

My house mate saved a 2007 Sydney Mardi Gras guide, mainly for the nude photo studies. At the back of the booklet was a review of the theatrical career of David Hoyle: in the 1990’s, in the persona of the … Continue reading

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second time around

The US Congress has been debating legislative measures that would legitimize the 11 million illegals inside the USA; added to the bill was a measure that would allow a US gay or lesbian partner of an illegal to petition on … Continue reading

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o my america oh my new found land

I have truly the attention of a fruit fly [pun intended, a gay one, of course]. It was only yesterday that I watched in its brilliant entirety the Tom Stoppard co-written film Shakespeare in Love. Entirely fanciful of course, but so … Continue reading

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would you like to sin

Would you like to sin with Elinor Glynn on a tiger skin? Or would you prefer To err On some other fur? The British Raj, colonisation of India, what to do with the Bengal tiger!!!

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