I live in a thoroughly dishonest society. Daily I eat products of the agricultural industry; they are drenched in poisons. As we age we become accumulations of toxins; how does our health industry behave? It quietly runs cancer wards, as swathes of our society succumb to these accumulations. Even western medecine is conducted on this noxious principle: find an instant cure for a symptom; if it has an unfortunate side effect, find another chemical for that and so on. Before you dismiss my necessarily sweeping statements, bear one image in mind: I got up in the middle of the night. A glass of water, some fruit to change the taste in my mouth. My fridge had a packet with 5 cherries left. Does anyone REALLY like the taste of cherries anymore?! That metallic taste, it’s so obviously compounded of a series of pest-exterminating chemical drenches.

Pamela Anderson came to Australia years ago on a crusade, on a mission, as only a young mother will, when she clearly has the well-being of her baby in mind. She wanted to feed him apple pulp as a mum is wont; she became suspicious of the taste of apple skins. I stopped just chomping down on a store bought apple in the 1960’s; I used to start retching from the mix of furry, nasty tastes that lingered on the apple surface, anything but the crisp, clean tasting skin of a healthily raised apple. Anderson did some research, how I know not, the industry is so secretive; an apple from blossom to dinner table is drenched in extremely toxic pesticide 6 [SIX!!!!!!] times.

In the last forty years, the pharmaceutical industry has come into its own. I remember Minimata, a fishing town near a chemical outfall, people were developing severe neurological malformations from eating seafood that was contaminated by this chemical pollution. In the USA somewhere, sorry I don’t have details, in the 1970’s the milk industry became polluted by contact with fertilisers the farmers were using to grow crops for the cows to eat. The alarm only sounded when calves were born with malformations and cows were developing bone problems.

We have no real governmental oversight industry; these chemicals are used on a trial and error basis; when they show side effects they are diluted until acceptable. No one is effectively looking at the effect of people living with this constant drenching. We don’t make contact with the opportunistic perpertrators of this crime against humanity. I was buying apples from a farmers’ market in Bondi Junction, Sydney. So rapturous was I that the apple was obviously not drenched in pesticide and wax and everything else considered necessary to produce a NICE item for the industrial dinner table, I started to thank the farmer attending the fruit stall. I asked if the fruit was organically grown; then I continued, thanking him profusely for taking the trouble to raise a crop that would actually improve the eater’s lot. I looked more closely at the farmer’s face, he was writhing with mortification. “Then”, in the words of the song, “I knew I was in trouble”. He was obviously rehearsing the number of toxic immersions.

Industrial agriculture is clearly conducted on the basis of DO NO OBVIOUS HARM! Is a chemical is toxic at a certain level? Reduce the strength until the harm is indiscernible. I thoroughly empathise. Recently I tried to grow tomatoes in my front garden; there were two plants that had sprung up from food scraps. I tended them lovingly, cajoled the flowers; this is starting to sound like Will Blake’s poem The Poison Tree. “Till it bore an apple bright”. Each plant bore a fruit that slowly ripened, green to orange to pale red; I plucked the fruit, only to find it harbouring the biggest grubs. Doing that for a business, you’d want to be effective.

Medecine’s answer to our chemical indoctrination is so very telling: stem cell. Nothing can cure us now but original, first principle strength cures. I’m 60 and failing physically. I can only hope there is a solution for the younger generation.

About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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