the gay monster couple

The two men who paid a Russian woman $8,000 [bargain basement price] to be the surrogate carrier of the US man’s sperm have been sentenced in a US District court to 40 years imprisonment. They came to the attention of Cairns Customs, because Australian bureaucrats refused to recognise the legitimacy of their transaction with the Russian woman and refused to issue the child a visa. In due course, the police found computer evidence of the systematic sexual abuse of their child, which began only weeks after his birth. What sort of animal can bring himself to abuse a person so young and vulnerable? Another gay man, the great poet W. H. Auden wrote: ” That girls are raped, that two boys knife a third.”

They taught the child to accept the attentions of several pedophiles internationally, all the while videoing the sexual interaction, and also to deny that such behaviour took place, were he to be questioned by police.

Tho, it must be said, this was a couple practically asking for detention. Within the entirely honorable institution of heterosexual marriage, apparently this happens all the time; but since this is the cellular core unit upon which our society is based, it goes undetected. Most pernicious is the wife’s relief that the sexual importuning of her husband has been transferred elsewhere. Where is her perspicacity and mothering instinct, where is her concern for her child’s welfare? Her over-riding need is to preserve the status quo. Let me quote an example. I attended a classical music concert a few years ago; near us was a nuclear couple, they looked like a North Shore unit. Mum dad son and daughter; at one point the daughter sat next to her dad, but this arrangement was soon altered. Dad and son sat together, they cuddled throughout the concert; one wanted them practically to rent a room, the vibe was so obvious; tho the wife was oblivious to it all.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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