kali yuga more of same

Per la civiltà moderna, presa in massa, non vi è un avvenire in senso positivo. Pura fisima è quella di coloro che pensano a un fine e ad un avvenire che comunque giustifichino quanto l’uomo ha distrutto in sè e fuori di sè. Le possibilità ancora offerte nei tempi ultimi riguardano solo una minoranza; a lato delle grandi correnti, esistono ancora individualità ancorate nelle “terre immobili”. Son…See More
“For modern civilization, taken en masse, there is a future in a positive way. Pure fisima is one of those who think to an end and a future that would justify that man has destroyed itself and outside of himself. Still offers opportunities in last times concern only a minority; on the side of large currents, there are still anchored individuality in “real estate lands”. Are, generally, strangers that is appreciated by out of all the notoriety and trivi modern culture. They keep the top lines, do not belong to this world – despite being scattered on the ground and often ignorandosi to each other are merged invisibly and form an unbreakable chain in the traditional spirit. This non-core acts: only has the function that has the symbolism of “eternal fire”. Under them, the tradition exists in spite of everything, the flame burns invisibly, something always connected world to world. Are “those who watch” the egregori. ”

“More, there are individuals who, while not knowing in what name, try a confused but real need of liberation. Steer these people, put them away from spiritual dangers of today’s world, lead them to recognize the truth, absolute and render their wishes that some of them can reach the phalanx of the first, is still the best that you can do. But it also comes here of something that concerns a minority and should not delude themselves that, for this way, may be an appreciable variation of destinies. Anyways this is the only justification for tangible action that still can make some men of tradition in the modern world, in an environment with which they have no connection. Render visible the values of truth, of reality and Tradition who, today, does not want the “this” and confusedly tries the other, means giving support to that not all the great temptation prevails, there where matter seems to now be stronger spirit. “”One thing mind you: to keep standing in a ruined world. Before the iron age vision, Hesiod exclaimed: “that there were never born!”. But Hesiod, after all, wasn’t that a pelasgian spirit, unaware of a highest calling. If the last age, kaly-yuga, an age of terrible destruction, who appear and despite everything there are held upright, can achieve easily accessible not fruits to men of other ages.

(Julius Evola-revolt against the modern world)


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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