breaking the biological identity

Jim Wallace, spokesman for a right-wing bigot christian group, is outspoken in criticising same sex families. He purported to have commissioned scientific research that “gaybies” or children of same sex unions were damaged by being deprived of their biological identity. Bigot Wallace did not however conveniently remember all the facts, both contemporary and historical, that contradict his prejudice. My generation of late baby boomers were largely raised by our mums; our dads were totally preoccupied in earning a decent living, paying for a family house. I remember lovely moments when dad took me fishing, when he took me to shower at the local sugar mill, because our bathroom was being renovated; often sadly, the occasions arose from an argument between my parents, which drove my dad to leave the house for a quiet afternoon expedition. But, in spite of being deprived of extensive interaction with my lovely, hard working dad, I don’t feel my childhood was deprived in any way.

Now, take contemporary situations, a woman who relies on the sperm of another man, not her husband bcause of his infertility; the child is not the biological child of the male parent living in the family. Conveniently, neanderthal bigot Wallace did not bother to include deliberations on such situations in his thesis.

The above situation is no less alienating than for the males in a same sex union commissioning a woman to carry an embryo to full term. Put simply, modern conception and upbringing is similar in its anomalies for both hetero and same sex unions. Bigots like Wallace have no valid biological arguments on which to base their prejudice; a Melbourne scientist is doing a longitudinal study of same sex unions; he has already found out that there are no appreciable negative effects suffered by “gaybies”. So there, get over your biblical prohibitions, guys.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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