gone walkabout

SBS ran an extremely controvertial issue of its show Insight on the topic of people going missing. It was controvertial because it quickly revealed the shortcomings of individual police systems, the fact that they are useless for inter-state enquiries, the fact that people obviously keep devising new systems, without any attempt to assimilate them with pre-existing systems. Easier to set up yet another new system and layer it on top of pre-existing structures like compost; also extremely painful, because it cross-examined the families of missing individuals mercilessly. It quickly came to the conclusion that a family member who has to suffer the grief of a loved one going missing endures painfully unresolved emotion.

It’s almost as if there are psychic rail lines that have been laid down after 40 thousand years of nomadic habitation. Someone goes missing every 15 minutes in Australia; most return within a week. Most have been suffering mental illness, for example depression. It was a pity watching the cracks being exposed in the efficiency with which state police systems work side by side and together; as the presenter quickly concluded, it sounded as if thorough effective action required the good will of a rare enthusiastic individual. Quickly pitted against each other were state police reps who were enthusiastic on the subject versus parents who closed down their normal family life and made finding their missing child the sole reason for their continuing existence. It was a video event in which I found myself visiting the ABC frippery on the subject of a royal heir [we’re not leaders in much, but we’re tops in royals, one Pom pronounced]. My inter-channel behaviour amounted to alternating between jacuzzi and swimming pool.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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