keepers of the rainbow

emma green tregaro rainbowrainbow nailsconfession: this week has been a detour, time to learn from having been way-laid & return on message.

It started on Tues night with SBS Insight discussing marriage equality; next day the website continued the discussion; the trolls emerged from the dark, unaffected by people urging them to respect their own religion & so NOT judge people. One such anonymous monster of darkness checked out my profile and urged me to take my tapestry needles & sew up my lips, so I couldn’t diss their beliefs.

Another, with a beautiful, sentimental image of Jesus, asked what next: after same sex union we would want to marry animals or trees. Someone retorted: squawk = yes. That was so well thought out, I didn’t get it right away. The really pornographic scenarios left me thinking: some people can only enjoy the erotic behind a veil of disapproval.

Then last night a Russian female pole vaulter said GLBT people would disseminate propaganda to children. We are a normal nation, she declared. I wondered if, in her case, going over the bar a lot injured her brain? Also there was Peter Tchaikowsky, who, the theory goes, was tried by a court of his peers [for the crime of allowing his homosexuality to become public knowledge]. He was made to commit suicide, for the good of the nation, so normalcy would be unaffected. His beautiful, proud music was “quelled, quelled or quenched”. But some sports persons don’t read serious books or listen to serious music, so that point would never dawn on them.

BUT, I was enjoying myself too much, disapproving the prejudiced. Too much judgementalism and you begin to live in the company of the “other”. You begin to resemble them. I resemble that remark. Instead, I should have sought out & praised those Swedish athletes wearing rainbow nail polish…keepers of the rainbow, Moa Hjelmer & Emma Green Tregaro.

Just as when an idiot bigot council person destroyed the Taylor Square rainbow monument in Darlinghurst, people all over Sydney, then Australia, then in other countries, became keepers of the rainbow. We LGBT folk no longer needed to question their sexual orientation, they were fellow travellers, people of goodwill, good heart, good cheer. There, that’s better, a better place.

Emma Green Tregaro & Moa Hjelmer, Swedish athletes, described as “disrespectful” for their rainbow-painted fingernails, whoa, some people are sensitive. Guys: only one of the fingernails could be described as “camp” or “divinely decadent”. Depends on the sound track to the event, I guess. moa- hjelmer gay rights supporter AP photo


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tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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