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how to make friends

In retirement I find myself inhabiting an old house with original features [built in 1929], that’s due to tragedy & neglect, in a perfect street. Walking to the shops can be a symphonic experience. However, I luckily bought at the bottom … Continue reading

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the nature of gender identity

The Royal Commission investigating the Australian Catholic Church’s response to its priests abusing children has deliberately restricted the parameters of its investigation. Some other organisations will come under its scrutiny; however pedophilia within the family unit will not be investigated. … Continue reading

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SUZUKI & the importance of science

Tonight, a 15 minute media program called Media Matters felicitously showed that a scientific report about climate change over 30 years had showed a steady increase in global temperature. An unscrupulous person taking just the last decade of data was … Continue reading

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embarrassing parliamentary new fact

Last week, it was announced at 10 am on Australian public broadcast TV that Prime Minister Tony Abbott had taken Women’s Affairs into his portfolio along with Indigenous matters; both endangered policy areas? After that one mention it got no … Continue reading

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In the school playground, kids accepted a set of rules that allowed communal activity to progress. When you were in, batting, you behaved in a certain way; when your time came to field you expected the other team to obey … Continue reading

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the dissenting gender

theodore roszak edited a paperback the dissenting academy; trans for me is as my title; the reason for its urgency is the fundamental experience of being male in a patriarchal society: up the road from me works a craftsman; we … Continue reading

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Tonight, SBS Insight discussed trans-gender kids; clearly we, as a society have progressed because the slightly less severe outcome of one’s child being gay is more acceptable. When I was undergoing adolescence between 1964 and adulthood in the mid 1970’s, … Continue reading

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