a national multicultural image

Today, a researcher of Australian women’s magazines said on ABC News 24 TV, that indigenous, Asian and African women simply are not used on the fashion runways and subsequently in the fashion magazines. The image presented as the “LOOK” of the Australian girl & woman is white and Anglo. The reason given was that the fashion industry is run by older white men [read: code for gay] who are out of touch with the market.

This can’t be quite so serious in its effects, otherwise you would notice the masses deserting the traditional positions of fashion. You get the feeling that the sense of “us”: the masses who do not approximate the ideal image feel alienated from “them” the unattainable image, and that they feel this is how it’s always been.

The Arabic comedian who presents Legally Brown on SBS TV gives me the pip; he presents his grievance as humour, and his white Anglo audience enjoy being teased. But that does not explain my situation as a gay man being sneered at by different ethnic groups. For instance, an SBS doco about a western Sydney Arabic youth centre showed the veiled secretary opening a letter from the Star Observer newspaper; she sneered & behaved as if disposing of a cat turd.

During the recent election it was explained that Labour is equivocal about marriage equality because its heartland in western Sydney is populated by diverse ethnic groups who would not approve of gay and lesbian relationships being publicly recognised, & legalised. When SBS Insight covered the topic of marriage equality a range of bigots left crappy religious comments online afterwards. Included was an Arabic IT man living in Perth, who defended his bigotry, because he felt it would contribute positively towards Australia’s future by denying gays & lesbians equal rights.

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, women are taking their lives & liberty into their hands by driving the family car out alone; this behaviour is being tested in the religious courts. The jury is still out.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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