russian homophobia

Foreign Correspondant tonight on ABC TV was set in Russia, showing Stephen Fry [gotta applaud his courage] addressing a local GLBT group; showing several FB scenes of macho psychos having lured a gay guy to a park, humiliating him ritualistically & filming all the while. Tho these scenes are posted on FB clearly showing the perps the lousy stinking police never take action.

What does it prove? That both males & females are sociopathic, that they have no use for ethics, morality, a sense of fair play. Most foul is the Russian politician, Vitaly Milonov, also a deacon of the Orthodox church, who clearly knows of the existence of this recorded violence. His idiotic retort is that “western journos with very serious faces talk of this violence. It is not worse than what happens at sports matches”. His eyes are beady, clearly his intelligence is minimal, & suited to his sordid industry: wearing ecclesiastical drag & spouting nationalistic slogans. He is barely a fit target for criticism, when he says that gay people project a lot of violence against str8 people; online many people criticise his political expertise, he clearly has no inclination to think thoroughly & deeply.

You have to come to the conclusion that the repressive Czarist regime followed by equally repressive communism has brutalised the Russian people. My sympathy is for a persecuted minority. Sadly, when people in Australia can post on FB a homophobic caricature of Adam Bandt, what hope is there for a regime under economic difficulty. The rationale is that LGBT people are agents of western propaganda, seeking to destroy the once mighty Russian state.

In the words of Goth Placebo: damn them all to hell.

tell the greens fuck off we need to backl burn


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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