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What’s in a Name

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is a brilliant local media star who trained as a medical doctor and engineer/designer. In a One on One Interview he outlined his analysis of the psychopath in society: using a graph with intelligence on the x … Continue reading

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the clive palmeranian non existent black throated finch of the galilea basin

In yesterday’s ABC Q&A, the US panel speaker gave the following endorsement: I don’t often say this, but it’s known internationally that you Australians punch above your weight; your political system is amazing; or words to that effect. I think … Continue reading

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hybrid musics

Watched a crazy UK show last night called Buzzcocks Never Mind THE. They showed the very un-PC band King Kurt, whose song Destination Zululand caught my ear. Check it on YouTube. So I engaged with a whole new sub genre … Continue reading

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Growing Up Gayby

Watching this doco right now on ABC 2, seriously, wondering why the path to self-validation requires exposure to Janet Albrechtson and Fred Nile. The former is just smugly immured in the conservative bastion of Australia. The latter is strangely nice, … Continue reading

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Graham Greene’s ABSURD world

I turn from the TV which shows the hero of an Australian national sports team, flexing & grimacing on the sidelines, his face possibly already showing signs of concussion. Yesterday an Australian cricketer was allowed to sit on a panel … Continue reading

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Love, Marilyn

SBS showed a doco on Marilyn Monroe, which explored her unfortunate beginnings: illegitimate, mother develops mental illness, MM goes from foster parents to orphanage; likewise her 2 hubbies DiMaggio & Art Miller were bastards, even Larry Olivier in Prince & Showgirl; … Continue reading

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completing the gay family unit

Last night channel 11 showed the New Normal episode where the guys get their baby boy & are married on the beach by a priest [look no bolt of lightening]. You could be a homophobe BIGOT & look at the … Continue reading

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