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It’s raining here in Sydney, I’ve just completed a fortnight of weaving on my latest tapestry; so I’m sated but also empty in anticipation. The doco tonight on David Bowie observes his emptiness before a new phase.

Bowie’s characters were fascinating; previously I’d seen the doco Cracked Actor, mostly set in LA; Germaine Greer, not necessarily always 100% on the money, once said that he was just a family guy spinning a media friendly image of being a voracious druggie. He certainly seems in his LA phase to be heavily involved with cocaine. Does surreal cover it as a phase descriptor?

Incidentally, the worst use of the word was by an Olympic sportsperson in that UK chat show by Mr Woss; she said “really surreal”. The mutual contradiction between the two words is in itself surreal. Awesome is overused & meaningless; actually is constantly employed as a qualifier of doing words, verbs that are sufficiently meaningful standing alone; together with actually the description becomes meaningless. Previously it was what looked like a semantic error of “literally” confused with “figuratively” or metaphorically”. 

Meanwhile, in the David Bowie doco, Camille Paglia, whom DB admits reading, describes his music personae as the transexual, transvestite shamanistic cultural transformer of the idiotic post WW2 US cultural imperialism & arrogance into a darker, sexually profligate post 1960’s world. We’ve bought the world & its reality; what do we do with it NOW?

I liked the description by Brian Eno of the craft of musicianship; he said he was not a musician himself, Bowie also had said that of himself; were they both creative entrepreneurs of the craftspeople of their field. Young Americans was a brilliant twist on soul & R&B; John Lennon was attracted to Bowie’s projects; he visited DB’s workshop & played on a track. Wowie!


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tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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