My niece works in mental health, she is also the last part of my family to retain the catholicism we were born into; tho, her mum is a catholic that I suspect most of the long suffering laity have been reduced to: spiritual by instinct but religious by habit rather than inclination.

I was given a huge tome of the artwork of the Vatican, as a Xmas pressie; it’s a fair indicator of the state of catholic faith; the priests of the org are de facto, untrained n unpaid curators n attendants of a fabulous museum. Fortunately the current church is too witless to continue to patronise modern art n its artists; examine the mod arm of the vatican collection n you see why: a paul klee drawing is collectible, as it contains a scratched outline of a church building; but how would a vatican priest explain the presence of a francis bacon?

My family work in the social conscience wing of the church militant; by contrast, as an artist, I work with the process of inspiration; it is sufficiently mysterious, a Yungian power mover. I’m reminded, that in a time of  greater religious certainty people might may prayed, knowing that prayer had a definite capacity for change; the last century of doubt and world wars has certainly removed that feature from the world psyche. However, creativity continues to hold a psychic power that is transformative and reluctantly explicable.

The rest is silence.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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