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Stephen Fry arguing with homophobes

I watched the first part of Stephen Fry’s new project, going around the world & arguing with homophobes. His sourest interview was with a member of the Ugandan parliament, an ex-catholic priest, who now headed a directorate for public ethics; … Continue reading

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Pope Francis

I want to believe this guy will do gr8 things. Look at Pope John 23; look also at how quickly the promise of his actions was neutralised.  Then, on Friday in Sydney, on the ABC TV show the Drum, a … Continue reading

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Starman the holy fool

I’m addicted to the Carpenter directed 1984 movie STARMAN, starring Jeff Bridges. His characterisation is impressive: he begins the movie with a staccato dogmatism that simply shocks Jenny Hayden into unconsciousness. Slowly, he observes Earth behaviour, often showing it up … Continue reading

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Akhenaten a hero for every age

Cyril Aldred’s biography of this controvertial Egyptian Pharoah makes for amazing reading. Everyone knows the Tutankhamum death mask, likewise that of Nefertiti. This, the experts finally decided was an image of androgynous Akhnaton, relaxed, informal, a deliberately feminine styled image. Beside … Continue reading

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detective writers introducing other detective writers

I believe Ian Rankin introduced an edition of the Swedish writer couple; intelligent mostly tho what cultural centrism & isolation encouraged him to complain about the polysyllables: Kungsholmgatan. The merest contact with German or Dutch would confirm the Anglo-Saxon commonality. … Continue reading

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spear of destiny

A recent doco, along the lines of the Ark of the Covenant movie ending, [the warehouse containing all the inconvenient horrors], expounded the theory of the fate of the Amber Room. It also mentioned the Spear of Destiny, a relic … Continue reading

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Sjöwall and Wahlöö The Terrorists

Tenth & last detective novel by this communist journo couple, it’s about social justice. A young woman tries to get a fair deal for herself in a society she doesn’t relate to. The writers look at recent history, not just … Continue reading

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