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Michael Nava Rag & Bone

The Latino US detective writer Michael Nava wrote the last of his series of seven novels featuring the Latino gay lawyer Henry Rios. Faced with his own premature death by cardiac arrest and the appearance of family members he never … Continue reading

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jeans logo

I saw a photo recently, of a guy’s bum in jeans; a gay photo certainly which had the initial “D” on the left cheek, and “G” on the right. Ok, the designer was Dolce & Gabbana; but was it a … Continue reading

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Royal Commission on child sexual abuse

Australian TV has been rivetted to the spectacle of the highest figure in the Australian Catholic church, Cardinal Pell being cross examined in the dock. The accounts by Pell and his legal team are puzzlingly contradictory; was Pell responsible for … Continue reading

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horrid affected foreign languages

One of my all time favourite volumes of fiction is the Nancy Mitford Omnibus, comprising the four works of her maturity. There are another four works, written in her youth, but they hardly count, except that one of them, like … Continue reading

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Fred Phelps’ mad church & homophobia

John Lord wrote an article: Phelps’ son understands that people are happy his father has died. It discusses the sad, mad man in terms of the proposals to modify laws concerning vilification by hate speech in Australia. When I read … Continue reading

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death the gr8 leveller

American psychiatrists seem to invent some amazing syndromes; how about mad preacher syndrome? Ok, we have them in Australia too: Fred Nile praying annually for rain to fall on the Sydney Gay Lesbian Bisexual Trans Inter & Queer Mardi Gras. … Continue reading

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Malcolm Turnbull versus penniless artists

The minister for a very arty Sydney constituency, Malcolm Turnbull  focused an extraordinarily intense invective on the artists protesting against Transfield, the company which has the contract to operate Australia’s detention centres, and its CEO being the sponsor of the … Continue reading

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