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I saw a photo recently, of a guy’s bum in jeans; a gay photo certainly which had the initial “D” on the left cheek, and “G” on the right. Ok, the designer was Dolce & Gabbana; but was it a snide “dog” joke? In which case, it’s the stuff of eastern European gay porn, the apotheosis of the arsehole?

When I wrote this, I forgot that Dol & Gab are in an Italian prison for tax evasion; I hope they are coping; no adverse situation deserves derision.

A while ago I reposted an ad on FB by a US lesbian feminist for a red dye to rejuvenate the external female genitalia; I forwarded the post because I thought it made a valid statement about capitalism and its ability to be opportunistic about people’s fears. Traditional middle eastern societies practised female circumcision & excision; our society preys upon people’s fears & insecurities in other ways. It was not received well in some quarters. In fact it became clear that I had no business venturing into “women’s business”. Understood, apology extended to those offended. The above post, in similar vein, is about gay men, my own tribe. That’s how I hope the matter will be viewed.

About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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