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marriage equality

The Australian Guardian online ran an IDIOT article by a writer from the Institute for Public Affairs; she ran the trite libertarian line that people in same sex relationships should just go ahead & set up their own marriage arrangements. … Continue reading

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the emperor wearing 2 hats

The Dalai Lama wears 2 hats: 1 yellow, the other red. These 2 hats represent two major sects of Tibetan Buddhism, & he manages to wear both, to rule both, at the same time. It would be like one individual … Continue reading

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Was travelling North by train to a near coastal town called Wauchope. A big guy was walking to the canteen, wearing a shirt which read: SARCASTIC COMMENT LOADING PLEASE WAIT

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The rest is silence.

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Oregon City anti-gay protest

Two high school students wore anti gay t-shirts to protest the Day of Silence, which is about homophobia. These students just don’t know their bible or rather gospel very well. The best known incident where Jesus made a comment about … Continue reading

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Movie Repo Man

Another of my all time favourite movies is Repo Man; sorry spoiler alert: “Wow!this is intense! Repo man is always intense”. Cosmic, mind blowing, it took lots of bits of shabby, contemporary society and wove them into a universal vision. My … Continue reading

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We have a Christian Democratic party in NSW Australia, certainly not a party, a bloody no fun zone. I must have woken up cranky, because I saw someone’s FB post about the christian democratic party’s  righteous reaction to David Cameron … Continue reading

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