marriage equality

The Australian Guardian online ran an IDIOT article by a writer from the Institute for Public Affairs; she ran the trite libertarian line that people in same sex relationships should just go ahead & set up their own marriage arrangements.

My response was as follows: “we need stronger anti-discrimination laws not the licensing of bigots by Brandis, until we can persuade western suburbs communities that living in a democracy involves the obligation to treat ALL other citizens equally & fairly. At the moment, as a member of a minority I’m tired of people telling me my equality is not a pressing issue. I’m tired of heterosexuals parading their offspring as if their procreation was something miraculous. I’m tired of having paid taxes to benefit people in privileged relationships. We all deserve equality & respect. I’m still waiting for my entitlements.”

My comments followed those of a writer, whose opinion it was that Labor was as reluctant as the conservatives now in power, because changing the status quo would upset marginal western Sydney seats, populated by communities which held anti-equality attitudes based on their religion.

It is time that ALL religions, but especially western christian ones, recognise the separation of church & state. Christ preached: “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, & to god the things that are god’s”. On that basis, the Catholic church & its religious peers might just start paying their share of taxes; we atheists allow the religiously persuaded to practise their strange ways. In return, they might just mind their manners & NOT speak in prejudiced ways outside the stone walls of their churches.

However, I fear that young people are possessed of a logic that will inevitably fail them. They think that having children will make other people like them. I can’t see that happening outside gated compounds of the like-minded. The logic has developed historically. The writer of the Celluloid Closet recorded that the 1950’s mindset was that gays were incapable of proper human emotions: they were shallow & promiscuous; this excused the legal treatment of gays such as chemical castration.

There will always be bigots on our streets who will associate being gay with pedophilia or bestiality. If the gay lifestyle is more affluent or more stylish than the average, there’s even more excuse for resentment. We already have an instance of two men in Australia having bought a baby in Russia and then allowed likeminded pedophiles worldwide to abuse him; someone capable of penetrating an 18 month old baby is completely beyond my imagination. What struck me as curious however, was that the woman presenter of this investigative piece thought it strange that the two men did not demand payment. Clearly, to her prostitution was a logical dynamic.

We will eventually have marriage of same sex couples as the USA and Europe already enact; soon, we will have divorce equality. My eastern European neighbour, a widow, bemoaned the fact that her son living in Beirut has already divorced his wife; her grand-daughter has also separated from her husband who now lives nearby & shared the responsibility of caring for their two children. Younger generations are living intensively in a virtual reality; this, combined with the difficulty of a working life, not to mention the psychic problems generated during young adulthood, inevitably produces chaos. Between 20 & 40, my relationships were chaotic; I really only felt I had reached some measure of maturity at 35. Only recently, I realise that many childhood events have psychic repercussions in later life, for instance possibly the epilepsy that has manifested in the last decade.

My thoughts about marriage equality, and they are not an excuse for the continuing deprivation by government, is that inner stability and maturity will not be achieved by being given societal recognition. We all must work out the meaning & importance of what has happened to us in childhood. I will refrain from assessing the maturity of most hetero couples around me.


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tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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