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we declare ourselves to a hostile world

On the weekend ABC TV showed the climactic [in more ways than 1] episode of Last Tango in Halifax; a UK sitcom with the unpleasantest grandmother, the most gay-averse & insensitive creature. At her wedding party, her daughter makes up … Continue reading

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Dr Who retrospectivity & being here now

Michael Smith a shock jock at conservative Sydney radio 2GB was sacked recently for saying on air that Mohamed was a paedophile. The ensuing commentary online was full of outcries against political correctness. Where do we start to refute such silly … Continue reading

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Why do we not celebrate our victories?

ABC The Drum tonight discussed drug use around the world. One of the rare times that enlightened professionals marshal enough public support was when we began a needle exchange program, and a safe injecting environment. The expert on tonight’s show … Continue reading

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Egyptian holiday

Today an aussie journo Peter Greste, working for Al Jaziera in Egypt was sentenced to 7 years in prison for being close to the Egyptian Brotherhood, after 4 months in detention, and with the prosecution not having made a credible … Continue reading

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Musical Progressions

Those of us who worshiped David Bowie ‘s metamorphosis as Ziggy Stardust [I’m just the space cadet, he’s the commander] went on to admire his more electronically sombre collaborations in West Berlin, the album Low, with Brian Eno and David … Continue reading

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powerful women in show biz

Am reading Geo. Baxt’s Tullulah Bankhead murder mystery; my only complaint, apart from his proof reader’s inability to recognise when Baxt has incorrectly used ‘then’ instead of ‘than’, is that all too often his characters use the same dry, smart-arse … Continue reading

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tell me a story

We’re hearing this a lot, in support of the worth of art nowadays. The narrative thread is much examined; hopefully soon enough some commentator will be able to step away from the imperative of their generation & get involved in … Continue reading

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