impressed by the sportivo

Right now across Australia, the Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse of Children is examining the mis-behaviour of sports coaches.

I was never affected in that area as the only sports experiences I had in school was hockey in primary and rugby league in secondary. Both terrified me: the hockey ball hitting me as goalie & the league tackles were disincentives I never overcame. I did not show talent, so was ignored by the sportivos.

However, I had the most curious experience recently. I was travelling by interstate train to visit my family, from Sydney, NSW to Brisbane, Qld. I made my way to the toilet compartment. As there was a queue, I stood chatting to an older gent, while waiting for the compartment to become vacant. The old guy told me he had been a sports coach & trained some top names. I should have recognised the familiarity for what it was, a pathetic come on. My previous experience with interstate toilets was that they were one person cabins; however, on this train was a urinal that could be used by several guys together. Knowing what the outcome would have been, had I shared the facility, I stepped inside & quickly locked the door, keeping the old guy waiting outside. The result was a lot of indignant door banging by the old guy, who did not get the physical adulation his personal credentials previously earned him.

In fact, I had to explain to others waiting what had transpired, as the amount of noise generated was the sort to indicate personal assault or the like. In hindsight, I wonder what this guy’s attitude to the kids he coached would have been; he sounded as if he took nothing less that whatever he could get away with.


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tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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