did but see her passing by

Sydney was the subject of a his & her tour about 30 years ago. Not strangely, as I’m not a monarchist, I disregarded details of the royal tour. Instead, I went shopping in the CBD, dressed in a purple Tshirt & shorts; suddenly I was aware an expectant crowd was lined along several streets looking back towards Circular Quay, where obviously the Royal yacht had moored. We were near Town Hall, I was on a street that was at the top of the hill; below, the royal motorcade was making its way towards us. I was only momentarily embarrassed at my casual appearance; the crowd was literally, not figuratively, polished.

Ma’am & Prince Phillip were in an open topped limo; I raced across the road to get a better view; I must have been in her sightline, because of all the things she could have been doing, all the directions she could have noted, she looked straight at me. I had been shopping & carried a large brown paper parcel; I could have been a nutter about to throw an explosive at her car. But I was not. It tallies with things people have said about Queen Elizabeth 2, she smiles innocuously but she always knows what’s going on.

The incident came back to me, having watched a sequence about aussie athletes at the Glasgow Commonwealth games; their photographer clicked a shot of the queen, smiling at the participants, through the net. An incidental grouping, but full of unconscious levels of meaning.


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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