you must be very popular

The fearless leader of our country, (given technicalities about Ma’am, rhymed with ham, not farm & her rep, the G-G), & self-appointed Minister for Women’s Affairs, recently visited a Queanbeyan Computer factory where, hand extended in manly fashion, he greeted several of the workers with variations on “Hello, how are you?” He came to a young woman & asked her if she was the only woman onsite; she agreed, whereupon, I kid you not, he leered but did not WINK, & said ” You must be very popular”.

I felt slimed at this point & wanted to go wash.

This item was shown on a Channel 10 program, usually supportive of the PM, however at this point, the most right wing conservative commentator on the panel had his head in his hands & moaned “I need a drink”. Others asked why he had not stuck to his script, & “How many fuckups can you have in one factory visit?”

His wife recently made a successful, press-covered foray to an op-shop; okay, she bought some items. Put yr money where yr mouth is, good move. Also,  women are better than men at saying the low key, sympathetic thing.

Our PM visits lots of industrial situations, which seem to go quite smoothly. Perhaps everyone pretends they are at a cricket match, before the crowd on the hill get too sozzled. Well, the boss being nearby, on his tense but best behaviour, would encourage the employees to do likewise.

What more can you say about the shortcomings of politicians & their sincerity?




About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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