guests at a dinner party

Two close friends of mine are Scottish Australians: one MacDonald the other Douglass; both feel involved in the approaching referendum. They, from a recent canvas, would vote No & Yes respectively.

A while ago our magnificent state art gallery ran a show about the Sydney Golden Summers art colony that had camped around the inner harbour shores. I had never seen so many kilts in one place; one might be excused for wishing for a stiff (ouch)  breeze.

My house mate & life companion is English, Jewish & Spanish. Although I am Dutch and Italian/Slovenian by origin, there is a curious link to Spanish history on both sides of my family: the Dutch were ruled by the Spanish; there’s a linguistic link with Slovenia: its premier architect/designer Joze Plecnik wears a Spanish name; the Austro-Hungarian empire was related to the Spanish. The Kunst Historisches Museum in Vienna has a roomful of royal Spanish monstrosities painted by Velasquez.

Anyway, over here, in the antipodies,we seem to be preoccupied by the referendum; I’ve just realised if the YES contingent prevail, the Greater British flag will have to change; will ours change accordingly? Or, will we fly a historical anachronism?

Sadly, the younger gen seems bent on maintaining monarchical links, based, it seems to me, on nothing much more than Will & Kate’s baby George??? But, here we sit, at a munificent dinner table: the air, the soil, the water & their produce are indigenous. We sit, enjoying the hospitality, neglecting to express our gratitude, while sharing anecdotes of the old country, which considers us insignificant.

Perhaps if Scotland becomes independent, we might step into the breech? Would we contribute a star to the composition of the new flag?


About anton veenstra

tapestry weaver, fibre artist, gay/qr activist, multiculturalist
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