brutalized militarised radicalised

The first two conditions above were cited by our fearless leader about young Arabic men in their struggle today.

I have just finished re-reading Le Carre’s The Man Who Came in From the Cold, wherein Stalin’s words are quoted: “Hundreds of thousands of people killed becomes a historical statistic; one person killed in a traffic accident is a national tragedy”. The truth of this came home to me strongly during the Sydney lone wolf siege in Martin Place where two people were killed, while simultaneously in Pakistan, 116 children were slaughtered in a school without much of an international press murmur.

Tonight’s analysis of the slaughter of 12 in the Charlie Hebdo building came to the conclusion that large scale battles need no longer be waged; a small incident was sufficient to catch people’s attention. The fact that the cold war in East Germany had similarities tactically with urban situations today is striking. Both amount to totalitarianism, one under cover of religion. Foolishly, naively, I asked a friend if a preacher in a radical mosque might be charged with inciting violence. This is a ridiculous observation; in Tempe Arizona, a Baptist preacher has insisted that killing all homos will amount to a cure for Aids.

Unfortunately, a whole new gen (XY?)  has not lived through the daily terrorist incidents of the 1980’s. I was in Athens in 1979; when I approached the Egyptian embassy there to obtain a visa, the building had sustained bomb damage the day before; it was boarded up & surrounded with extra security officials. When I landed in Jordan a couple of months later I was vigorously body searched due to a recent hijack that had taken place there. Throughout the decade, the PLO, the IRA, the brigate rosso, the bader meinhof and the Japanese terrorists were active. The inspiration for much of the action was a lack of solution for the Palestinians and Northern Irish. The former problem continues unresolved.


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